About Sandra MacDonald

Hello, I’m Sandra MacDonald, creator and author of Pure Food Creations.SweetsBlog

The purpose of this blog is to share my food, health knowledge and help you reap the benefits of eating and living healthy.

I’ve always had a passion for food. I have vivid memories as a child, picking fruits and vegetables from my grandfather’s garden. I cherish the memories of helping my mother prep in the kitchen and cooking healthy meals for the family.  That was the tipping point for my passion and appreciation for food.

It wasn’t until my early adult years where I began to battle obesity. My thighs and tummy were growing in the wrong direction; and so was my self-esteem. There is no doubt I struggled due to the lifestyle I had which consisted of a diet high in sugar, fat, sodium, chemicals and stress; not to mention ZERO exercise.

Maybe you can relate or maybe you’re doing just fine. All I know is that many people today struggle in finding that healthy lifestyle balance, while trying to keep up with the demands of this evolving and fast paced world. I know I did, until I made the decision to change the way I live.

I use fresh ingredients in all of my recipes and exercise as often as I can – I recommend you do as well, for best results.

Some of my ideas were inspired during the years I lived in South East Asia, China and New York City, which makes cooking and eating my meals that much more fun!

Get out your oven mitts, knife and spoon and get ready to cook some easy to make healthy meals for you and others.

Here’s to being friends and living healthy!

Sandra MacDonald


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